Saturday, January 28, 2012

Duri Grape Swirl

Even though I showcased Duris in one my previous giveaways, I was on a strict no-buy period at that time and couldn't pick up any of these for myself.  I was super bummed because I had been hearing about Duri for awhile and even though it's sold mainly in Brooklyn, I had previously never encountered them in stores or salons.  When I saw a tiny display at a mom and pop type pharmacy down the block from my boyfriend's apartment in Manhattan, I picked up a bunch for the giveaway and left with my own nails bare, so to speak.

However, I had been lemming Grape Swirl since the summer when I first saw swatches for their Wine Tasting Party Collection for Fall 2011.  After resigning myself that I would never find this in stores, I consoled myself with the buzz that Sinful Colors Winterberry was a dupe.  But then I had suchhhh an annoyingly hard time finding that polish and I really started to despair.  Zoya Nimue was a supposed dupe, but I wasn't about to spend $7 plus shipping when I knew that there was a $2 dupe something out there in the world.

Anyways, as you can see from my link and the comparison swatch below, I eventually found Winterberry and fell in love.  But a few months later when I went back into that small pharmacy, I saw a flash of grurple loveliness hiding behind an OPI display.  I pushed the OPIs aside and saw a bunch of Grape Swirls cowering in the shadows, calling out for a new home.  Well, me being the self-proclaimed foster mother of the nail polish world (the cape is in the mail), I instantly scooped a bunch of them up.

So reallllly long story short, I now own my first Duri :)

This was two perfect coats of grurple frosty shimmer.  Applied like butter.

To compare to Sinful Colors Winterberry (with flash)

You can see that they really are dupes.  In real life, they are equally beautiful and I found myself constantly staring at my nails when I wore these polishes.  There's something about a light frost on a polish that really tickles my fancy.  Just so wintery.  Love it.

Yay or nay, girls?


  1. SUPER DUPER YAY. I'm so happy that you found it! Silly OPI's trying to hide your Duri polish(es). ;) I'm falling in love with your nails, I have to be honest. I love how you shape them, they are perfect.

  2. ahhhh, SO glad that this is a winterberry dupe:] gorgeous

  3. This is gorgeous!!  I'm so happy for you that you found it.  I search behind polishes in stores too.  People hide those things.   I have yet to find a Duri. 

  4. Wow, thank you for such a great compliment!  I hate filing my nails (which I do every week and a half) because I'm so crazy Type A, I have to make sure they're all super straight.  Takes me foreverrrr.  

  5. Yeah, me too!  I was beyond thrilled that this color is making the duping rounds, makes it way more accessible :)

  6. Thank you!  I think so too ;)

  7. I completely agree!  There's something about the purple frostiness that just makes this really unique.  It's a color that on the shelves doesn't really stand out much, but is killer gorgeous on the hands.

  8. Hahaha, all true polish lovers know to look behind stands for goodies!