Friday, January 13, 2012

China Glaze ElectroPop Collection, Spring 2012

Inspired by all things girly, edgy and fun, the 12 shades of ElectroPop bring out the inner rock star in all.  For flash and glam this spring, China Glaze® hits the stage in style!

Shades Include:

Kinetic Candy
Touch the sky in light blue creme

Electric Beat
Periwinkle nails for a wink worthy performance

Pool blue for nighttime gigs and daytime fun in the sun

Gaga for Green
Green lacquer for the girl craving the limelight

Sunshine Pop
Shine in the spotlight in bold yellow

Make Some Noise
Rock the mic in tangerine

Wicked Style
Party cocktail tropical punch

Fuchsia Fanatic
Fuchsia pink for the rocker diva in us all

Gothic Lolita
Steal the show on girls night out in seductive purple

Dance Baby
Hit center stage in cotton candy pink

Glitter Confetti polish for a dazzling topcoat finish or all over finger tip bling

Sweet Hook
Blow a kiss in dreamy lilac

The ElectroPop collection will be available in two 6 piece collections:

Brights: Techno, Aquadelic, Sunshine Pop, Gaga for Green, Make Some Noise, and Wicked Style

Lights: Fuchsia Fanatic, Dance Baby, Electric Beat, Kinetic Candy, Sweet Hook, and Gothic Lolita

ElectroPop will be available February 2012.  Individual shades retail for $7; 6 piece collections retail for $42.

China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.

I'm totally smitten by the entire Lights Collection.  Which colors tickle your fancy?


  1. I really like Gothic Lolita, Techno, and Sweet Hook.  Just got Gothic Lolita and Techno in the mail today, woohoo!!

  2. I can wait to see GL and SH swatches!  I'm such a sucker for purples and purply pinks.

  3. You and me both.  I tried to get SH, but it wasn't in stock.

  4. It's the sign of a fabulous collection where you want all of them, right?  China Glaze has really been rocking these things out lately!

  5. Oh I wish I would've know that two days ago!  I saw SH in a store in NJ the other day!  Because you and I live in the same area, we should swap addresses for mini swaps in case something shows up in SI that doesn't show up in BK, or vice versa.  

  6. Awwww.. shucks!!! Maybe next time.  Good idea, I'll email you.