Friday, January 27, 2012

Anise Agent Glam

I came across Anise at the counter of a T.J. Maxx like store (Annie Sez, anyone?).  The colors appeared really cool, with a lot of metallic looking duochromes in really fall and wintery colors.  I picked up a bunch to test and a bunch to send out to my polish fairy godmother (you know who you are!).

Agent Glam was the first I tried mainly because it struck me as a possible dupe for Chanel Peridot, as it seemed to have that goldeny green shimmer floating in the bottle.  To be honest, I can't put my finger on this polish.  It does have a green lean to it, but there's a definite slate grey tinge.  This is what I guess I'd call a weak duochrome, as it flashed between that molten green and slate grey, and even sometimes flashing a bit of blue.

This polish (as well as the others I tried and have yet to post) all apply very thinly so three coats was definitely necessary.  Even without my quick dry top coat, this polish dried remarkably fast.

The second picture shows a little of that goldeny green to slate action.  In person, it really depends on the light, but this is really no dupe for Peridot.  In fact, I know of no other polish quite like this.  I'm disappointed that this didn't translate as well from bottle to nail, but I'm intrigued at how unique this color is.  Unfortunately, I didn't love this on me and am passing this on to a happier home :)

According to the bottle (oh, my researching skills in action), this is a Miami-based company and is 3 Free.  If anyone knows more about this company, I'd be really interested to hear about it in the comments.

Have you girls ever experienced a polish quite like this?  I'm not even sure what to define it as and could use your help!


  1. This looks nice.  I haven't heard of this brand before.

  2. It's very pretty. I had never heard anything about this brand until you shared with me you had found them, I wonder if they are a new brand altogether that's probably why we haven't heard much about it!

  3. Even on Google image searches, nothing really comes up :S