Monday, December 12, 2011

Sally Hansen Ruby Rush

Not my most exciting swatch, but a nice staple for those of you who like jewel tones and office friendly colors.

Ruby Rush is from the latest collection of Sally Hansen InstaDris, comprised of semi-metallic jewel tones.  Most completely rocked my socks off, especially Bronze Ablaze (to be swatch soon).  I initially didn't pick RR up because I figured I didn't need another burgundy polish.  But during a Thanksgiving sale, I scooped this up.

While this isn't the most unique color, it's vampy without being overtly vampy and dark without being too dark.  What I mean is that this is an office-friendly polish that while certainly a basic winter red, also hits the jewel tone trend that has been pretty big this season.

This is two coats.

With flash, you can see that there is a bit more to this polish than meets the eye, what with that purply wine shimmer hidden inside.  

If you think you have this color or its dupe, you probably do.  While I wouldn't recommend this as a must have, it's certainly lovely in its own right.

What do you ladies think?  Standard, blah, or need to have?

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  1. The color is so pretty and I really wanted Bronze Ablaze, but I couldn't get over the brush. It's just so wide and IMO fits way too snuggly in the neck of the bottle.

  2. Such a pretty colour, especially with flash.

  3. The Sally Hansen brushes are very love/hate, and while I'm definitely more on the love side, I completely understand. I think people with wider nail beds probably find the brushes more user friendly.

  4. I agree, but unfortunately you don't get a lot of the excitement that the flash brings out in real life.

  5. I picked this one up and I really like it, too! It's not my normal type of polish, so I have no dupes [plus I'm in love with the brushes haha]

  6.  I like this color it is pretty and does have that jewel aspect to it that is so beautiful!!

  7. This is really pretty on you. I picked this up a few times but I didn't think it would be unique enough, so I always put it down. I may have to reconsider buying it.  :)