Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nail Rock Wraps: Leopard

While I am notorious in the blogosphere as the glitter hater cum Glitterati, I still consider myself a polish purist.  I gravitate towards basic manis: no nail art, no accent nail, no French.  

However, I've always been fairly intrigued by the nail decals that a number of major nail brands have produced.  So I thought if I was going to go outside my comfort zone and play with decals, I figured I'd go all out and leopardize my nails!

As I recently posted, the British company Nail Rock recently launched in the US (Nordstroms exclusive), with a full line (13) of designer inspired appliques.  These are advertised as durable, flexible, and versatile, with wear time up to 10 days.  A great place to start, don't you think?

Here is my result after my first time attempting to use Nail Rock nail wraps:

full hand shot

close up shot

worst nail (thumb)

best nail (middle)

closeup full hand
As you can see, I had some major issues with application.  Below, I've listed a pretty thorough list of pros and cons that I experienced while using Nail Rock decals in Leopard:


The designer inspired patterns are not insanely over the top or outrageous.  While I would typically not have leopard print on my nails, I am impressed at the sophistication of this print.  Animal prints can go tacky very quickly, but this print is small and quite lovely.  I actually enjoyed having this print on my nails!

The price is pretty reasonable.  For something that advertises as lasting upwards of a week, $8 for a set is cheaper than a professional manicure.

Each package comes with 16 decals in a variety of sizes.  This is important for anyone who knows they are prone to mistakes, has a shaky hand, or has never done this before.  You have more than enough opportunity to misapply and reapply.

Removal was a cinch.  Just a slight yet firm tug on an end and these appliques pull cleanly off the nail without any residue or discomfort.


The lasting power on these are not by any stretch of the imagination 10 days.  I had these on for 3 hours and went about my normal business before the edges started to lift and I couldn't function comfortably anymore.  Once the stick is off, it was impossible to reapply and off they went!

The instructions state to cut the appliques to size before adhering to the nail.  All the excess should be filed off.  Unfortunately, as you can see from my terrible thumb nail, it was difficult to measure the width of my nail to cut appropriately.  Additionally, filing the tops left awkward, unsmooth ridges that I couldn't tame no matter how much I filed or cut.

Wearing these decals felt like tape on my fingers.  Like I said before, I've never used decals and I've never had fake nails, so I'm assuming this feeling is more an issue of my lack of experience than there being anything wrong with the feel of Nail Rock stickers.


If I had to rate these, I'd give them a 4/10.  While the style, price, and packaging are commendable, the process of styling is really annoying and not 100% user friendly.  I will take full blame if the issue is my inexperience with applying nail stickers, but I don't think I can shoulder the fact that these didn't last even a few hours of a typical day.

I also have a set of the Nail Rocks in metallic gold and hope to give these wraps (and me!) a second chance.  Once I attempt those, I will post another review.

This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.


  1. This design looks great on you!!  Too bad they didn't last a long time :(. 

  2. These look lovely, but I know what you mean about the cons.  I tried nail wraps about a week ago, and I had a lot of the same issues.  Granted, I was supposed to heat the wrap before and after application (I forgot to before), so that could be a reason why.  It's a shame how hard these are to apply and wear well, since they are such a cool idea!

  3. Yeah, I was pretty shocked at how I ended up liking the leopard on me.  But it was a bummer they only lasted for so short a period of time :(

  4. It's unfortunate that like a lot of great ideas, they flounder at execution.  I'm hoping that they perfect this because I really like the fact that the patterns are designer inspired.

  5. Design is great. It's a pity they didn't last long.