Friday, December 9, 2011

Love & Beauty Purple

Disclosure:  I am experimenting with a new camera (read: I took my mother's amazing Canon PowerShot) so please bear with me as I attempt to battle with technology.  I'm struggling with focus and holding it at the right angle, so if anyone has any tips for this particular camera, please let me know!

Now on to the polish :)

This little beauty was gifted to me by the adorable Sarah over at See Sarah Swatch.  Love and Beauty is a brand easily found at Forever 21, but for some reason, every one I go to tend to have the ugliest, funkiest colors.  L.A. Girl, which apparently is not sold anywhere I shop in the NYC area, is I believe the same company; this color is an exact dupe for L.A. Girl's Intoxicate.  

Before I get to the polish review, I want to say something about the L.A. Girl company.  I am a big proponent of customer service and my dealings with CS operators really color the way I think about a brand and if I will patron a store/website again.  For example, because of my very positive experiences with Diamond Cosmetics and Zoya customer service (prompt response time to emails, phone operators were very helpful and kind), I am always happy to recommend both their products and dealing directly with them.  While price is a major factor in my polish buying, CS is of an almost equally large importance.

Unfortunately, I did not have as positive an interaction with L.A. Girl.  When I emailed them about a month ago asking for a list of NYC distributors (I did not ask for any free products to review or anything else that might sound solicitous), I was happy to receive a prompt response that L.A. Girl was always happy to have bloggers try out their products and directed me to someone in PR.  When I emailed that woman, I never heard back.  That to me is not a good sign.  

I don't wish to bad mouth a company, and in the big scheme of things, this is definitely not a terrible CS story.  However, it is unfortunate that a company is not responsive to potential customers' queries.  My point in all this is simply that customer service relations is an integral part of branding and as a blogger, I hope that I take reviewing products as seriously as a company does in producing and marketing them.  I've had similar situations where I've been ignored by companies and it's beyond frustrating.  

Okay, rant done.

Soooo...Love and Beauty Purple.  This is a very beautiful polish filled with some of my favorite polish characteristics: a deep plum creme (that doesn't lean black!) infused with a generous dose of gold shimmer throughout.  This applied pretty thick, which while normally my consistency of choice, was a bit difficult to work with because the brush was slightly uneven.  I'm sure that this was a defect but since this is my first polish from this brand, I can't be sure.

You can even see that gold shimmer in normal light.  Check out that bottle shot!

How gorgeous is that shimmer?  I love finishes like these.  I just wish it appeared more prominently without direct light.  But all in all, I think this is an awesome fall staple and just feels very regal to me.  Plus, I think this will look great with any skin tone :)

What do you think of Love and Beauty polishes (not customer service...that rant is over)?  Any others  L&Bs I should be on the lookout for?


  1. looks beautiful on you!! glad you like it:]

  2. I LOVE it.  I couldn't stop staring at my hands when I wore it :)

  3. I have never actually searched for some L&Bs so I don't know how easy or hard they are to find. After seeing this swatch it makes me want to actually see if I can find some, in my area. This color is very beautiful, I'll keep my eyes pealed for some of these now.

  4. I don't have any Love & Beauty polishes but this one is so pretty! You and Sarah both have great taste. :)