Wednesday, December 7, 2011

L'oreal Target Red (and my first successful half moon mani!)

Lots of red today in Amandaland!

For my second post, I have to say that I'm so lucky to have Nory keeping her eyes out for awesome reds.  L'oreal's Target Red (check out the target symbol on the bottle cap!) is a beautiful medium red creme that screams glam and I'm so happy she scooped this up for me when she saw it at her local Target.

Leaning a bit pink, this red is a bit messy in application but really lovely on.  Take a look:

For some reason my camera refused to take workable photos of Target Red and this was my only good shot.  So in lieu of multiple pictures, I attempted to try one more time at a half moon mani...since my first attempt was an epic fail.

What do you think?  I layered Milani Garnet Gems over the L'oreal.

The color combo reminds me of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland.

Again, camera issues.  Sorry for the haziness and major glare.  Passive aggressive camera issues I have to work through.

But more importantly, how did I do for my second try?  Success??  It's a bit on the messier side, but I'm just pleased how smooth the lines are for the most part.  Thanks to Rachel from Top Coat It for recommending the tape method awhile back; it worked much better than using the circle labels I had initially bought.

 I'm pretty proud of myself, I just haven't the foggiest how I would wear this out.


  1. Wow I love it, this attempt is great!! I really like it, I have to try that method since I have only tried it with reinforcements. 

  2. The cumbersome part is that you have to cut the tape into semicircles.  I had tape particles sticking everywhere, which is really annoying with a semi wet mani.

  3. Glad you had more success with the tape, but yeah, cutting the tape to shape is probably really monotonous.  I've learned a few tricks to get a nice crisp line with minimal chance of leakage on the sides.  Maybe I'll write up a post about it so I don't leave a novel on your comments. ;)

  4. Novelesque comments always welcome :)

  5. this looks SO good!! i can never ever ever get half moon manis to work with me, stupid reinforcements :[ i'm gonna have to look into this tape method!

  6. I still have not had a successful half moon mani! This looks great!

  7. Love this half moon mani. I won't even attempt to try it because I know it will be a polish FAIL haha

  8. Try with tape -- it worked for me(ish)!