Saturday, December 10, 2011

L'oreal Stroke of Midnight

I went from having no L'oreal polishes to getting four of the most fabulous shades in under a week!  I'm such a sucker for limited editions...sigh...

Anyways, Stroke of Midnight is one of the most stunningly subtle blues I own.  Think of this as the more mature and chic older sister of Essie Fair Game.  And before you ask, no I don't know why I give weird relational characteristics to polish.

This dark slate blue beauty has one of the most original finishes I have ever seen.  While my first picture is a bit fuzzy, it was the one that best capture the amazingly satin (yes, satin!) finish SoM rocks.  Two coats of this velvety formula and you've found the perfect go-to winter blue.

Isn't that color just ridiculous?  I love me some navies, but I'm digging the fact that this dark blue lacquer leans more grey than black.  That just screams trendy and modern.  Ahh...I'm swooning as I type!

Because L'oreal has a terrible habit of only putting two polishes per color in their LE displays, I recommend picking these up before you lose your chance of owning this little bottle of gorgeousness.

Are you ladies slaves to limited editions like me?  What was the best LE polish you've ever been lucky enough to scoop up?

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  1. You are a lucky girl to have such an easy foundation routine. :)
    Thank your for the congrats on the followers, you made me smile with the "special polish."This color is very beautiful, it looks very nice on you. What is the name of the LE collection this polish is in?? 

  2. It's part of the L'oreal Winter Polish Collection, one of four colors.  But since L'oreal only does LE collections, I can't imagine this will last very long.  Here's a link to the others:

    According to L'oreal's official site, this is actually a discontinued color.  After a little more research, I think that there was another Stroke of Midnight that was black that was in fact discontinued.  For some reason, they brought back the name in another shade.

  3. I didn't realize it was a satin finish, because I was too busy being hypnotized by the last photo....this is stunning! It looks more gunmental than navy to me, but whatever...I love it! Looks fab on you, Amanda - really compliments your skin tone!!

  4. Thanks, Eugenia!  Yes, this is a special polish.  It's not as gunmetal-y in person as it may appear in the photos, but there definitely is that grey in there.  I'm glad you love it as much as I do!