Monday, December 19, 2011

Glitter Award Comes Back to Me

When I created the Glitter in Their Veins badge, I truly did not expect the badge to bounce back to me.  I think I'm the notorious glitter hater of the polish blogging world, and while I've gotten tons of encouragement from my blogging and polishaholic friends (Sarah, Nory, know who you are!), I never really considered myself a convert just yet.

So boy was I surprised when the sweet Katherine from Haul of Fame nominated me!  In her words:

Amanda @ AmandalandishIt's exciting to see this self proclaimed glitter hater wearing glitters recently!  Just go back a few weeks, and you'll see her saying how she doesn't like glitter.  Welcome to Glitterholics lol.

So I guess I'm a Glitterati now, too!

Thank you Katherine, as well as all those glitter lovers who have been rallying in my glitter-reticent corner.  I will definitely need your support during this somewhat difficult transition period.
(I kid.)


  1. I'm sorry but some would say I AM the notorious glitter hater of the blogworld!! Think you and I can share it???

  2. Life is so much better with glitter! You should just give in to the sparkle. :)

  3. You're all so gaga for glitter (as you would say, Chelsea), I think it's contagious.