Friday, December 2, 2011

CQ Idyllic

CQ Idyllic is an interesting little polish.  In the bottle, this looks like a bronze/dark pink duochrome, infused with tons of micro-shimmer.  On the nail, though, this is a very weak duochrome, if a duochrome at all.  Only with direct sunlight or flash can you make out the faintest turn of color.

Regardless, this is a really awesome color for fall and I'm sorry that I've only just bought this.  I have never seen a brown quite this shade and I'm really quite pleased with how much this looks like fallen leaves, hot apple cider, or other autumn-based things that are this color (work with me here, it's been a long week).  

Two coats did the job (although be warned, this is a skimpy little brush), but since I like depth to my polish, I probably could've done with a third coat.

I tried to capture some of the pink foil-like duochrome in the macro shot.  Unfortunately, like I said before, you can't really see this in a standard wear unless you're constantly standing in the sun or taking flash pictures of your nails.  If you're doing either, I would suggest starting a nail blog or investing in some SPF.  

Do you ladies like?


  1. I'd love to know, are there stronger budget-duochromes you can suggest?
    It's a shame you didn't see much of an effect in idyllic - when I had it on, I would see shifts from gold to almost a red-purple.  I don't usually buy duochromes because a lot of them are so sheer, but the coverage on this one was opaque! Plus I love that this polish is pretty easy to find at Rite Aid, and for just $3.

    The only thing is: I'm not sure about the ingredients, but my assumption is that they are not 3 free :(

  2. Very pretty color, and yes this has been a long week. YAY for the weekend!

  3. I don't have a very large collection of duochromes -- in fact, I've gifted most of mine away -- but the best ones I've seen are probably Zoyas. Gray's Anatomy from Wet n Wild is another good one I've seen and I remember that Maybelline put out an awesome collection back when I was a freshman in high school (2001ish) so those unfortunately are probably no longer around.

    I'm glad though that you had a better result with Idyllic. Who knows, I could've just gotten a wonky bottle.

    CQ is not, I believe, 3 free, but I will look into that. One cheap company that sells 3 frees is actually Sinful Colors. I actually use their base coats because of that.