Sunday, December 11, 2011

CQ Corduroy

So the whole upgrading to my mother's camera proved I should have just stuck with what I had.  I realized the haziness which caused my pictures to appear as if the lens was greased in vaseline was most probably due to the fact that the lighting in my house leans yellow.  Because of the dimness in my room particularly, my camera couldn't focus well in that light.  However, I am happy to announce that while a bit inconvenient for me since I prefer to swatch at night, I have found the perfect spot under my window to take my swatch pics in the morning.  The sun hits at a beautiful angle and my subsequent shots from this spot have been, in my opinion, the best so far.  (Unfortunately, I do have a few more swatches saved that are bad lighting and/or new camera hybrids, so I apologize if my pictures appear a bit subpar for a little while.)

Thus, I will acknowledge that this picture of CQ Corduroy was a product of my mother's fancy schmancy camera.  Please ignore the sallow tone to my skin and focus on the luscious dusty teal creme on my nails.

I debated back and forth if I should get Essie School of Hard Rocks: having never really gotten into the whole teal fad that began with OPI's Swiss Collection in Fall 2010 featuring Ski Teal We Drop, I slowly found myself liking the dustier version of these strong cremes.  

For half the price, Corduroy appears to be the perfect dupe to SoHR, with perhaps slightly more saturation in its color.  CQ polishes tend to be weaker in color depth so I always recommend using 3 coats for a thick and creamy look with this brand.

I really appreciate the fact that Corduroy leans neither too green nor too blue, but really strikes a great balance between the two to create a very demure and wearable fall teal.  If I was at all skilled in nail art, I think this base would look lovely with little silver and white snowflakes, kinda like snow that falls at dusk.

I'm stop now before I wax too poetic and weird myself out.

What's everyone else's favorite teal polish?

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  1. I love this color and I love that it is $2.99. Holla!

  2. Very pretty! I really LOVE colors like this.

  3. Thanks, perfect transitional shade going into winter!

  4. I wish I lived where you lived because it's a bit pricier in NYC.  But I guess most things are!  

  5. Your SoHR swatch convinced me to buy this :)

  6. I actually only have on teal polish, from Aldo, but I actually really like them and should probably get some more :D

  7. If you like these dusty teals, Revlon's new display has two great ones: Chic and Fashionista. I have Chic but haven't swatched it yet, so I apologize for not giving your more info. I hope that these re-promotes are out in Canada for you to enjoy as well!