Monday, December 26, 2011

Chanukah Night #7: Zoya Marina

Welcome to Night 7 of my Chanukah Manis: Silvery Blues and Wintery Hues!

I'm typically a big fan of Zoya.  I love their slightly thicker formulas, their cute little bottles, their wide range of colors, their customer service, their sales, the fact that they're 3 Free...

However, Marina really let me down.

First of all, this was an absolute horror to apply.  It was goopy and refused to apply smoothly; see how awkward the cuticle line is on my middle finger?  Secondly, it just didn't dry right.  I don't know, but it didn't have the same finish that all my other Zoya's dry with.

The most annoying part was the staining.  The only other polish that stained this bad was L.A. Colors Jungle Fever, which while a gorgeous green teal, made me green for days.  As I look down at my newly naked fingers, I appear as if I may be suffering from a slight case of hypothermia.  Ugh, I hate staining.

This is two coats.

The one thing I'll give is that this is a very nice color.  Nevertheless, this is not breathtakingly gorgeous nor does it look in real life how it did when swatched on other blogs.  This is much darker than I had anticipated with heavy gunmetal undertones.  I usually love these kinds of icy and shimmery blues to wear in the winter, but for some reason, Marina fell kinda flat on me.  I initially assumed that this was the blue Sinful Colors Winterberry, or it's Zoya dupe, Nimue, from the same Smoke and Mirrors collection...sadly it's more like it's annoying little sister that tries too hard.

Do any of you ladies own this?  Did I just get a dud or is this just not Zoya's best work?

Happy seventh night of Chanukah!


  1. Looks like a pretty color.  I don't have this one, so I don't have have any input regarding the formula :(.

  2. Sometimes I just don't polishes a chance. I'm hoping I was too hasty with this one because in theory, I really like it.

  3. Yeah, hopefully with another try it will be different.  That sometimes happens.

  4. Aw poop!  I'm sorry to hear that this polish didn't work out.  It looks sooo pretty!!!

  5. Pretty color! Too bad the application was a mess. But it looks very nice on you.

  6. I had the same issues with the Winterberry you gave me...worst application ever- like glue.  I thinned it out and it was somewhat better.

  7. Oh really? I didn't have that issue at all with Winterberry. Maybe it's a dud bottle. Sometimes if you contact the company, they'll send you another.

  8. Thanks but it is better after thinner. Love the color anyway.