Saturday, December 24, 2011

Chanukah Night #5: Ulta Alter Ego

Welcome to Night 5 of my Chanukah Manis: Silvery Blues and Wintery Hues!

Fifth night of Chanukah already?  Wow.  And Christmas Eve?  Everyone must be having a good day :)

For today's mani, I chose a color that really intrigued me.  Part of my last swap with Nory, Ulta Alter Ego looks like a dark, dark electric blue with purple undertones.  Once applied, this applies with a satin-like finish (very rare and beyond beautiful) in a medium azure blue.    I guess this would also be considered somewhat metallic, but I really believe that satin is much more accurate.

Like all my other Ulta polishes gifted to me by the lovely Nory -- since sadly, NYC lacks the mythical cosmetic land known as Ulta -- this applied so perfectly.  Two thick coats and Amanda is a happy girl.  I'll stop speaking like Elmo now.

I'm really falling for polishes that have that satin feel to them when photographed with flash.  The beauty of this polish is that even without flash and lathered in top coat, it still appears satin.  I don't know why I love that so much, especially since I never really got into the matte fad, but I'm truly taken with this.

I hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend and has a happy and healthy whatever you celebrate!

Happy fifth night of Chanukah!


  1. There's an Ulta in Queens (only opened a month or so ago) the Rego Park mall I believe! Hopefully more will follow, fingers crossed!!!

  2. I am happy you like it! Super lovely on you. When I saw it I knew right away it was for you.

  3. Really!!!  I'm getting so excited.  I must check the details of this immediately.  Thanks!

  4. Queens is a bit of a schlep for me, but if I decide to venture the BQE I will definitely stop by.  Thanks so much for the info and please keep me posted in case more open up!

  5. So pretty! I have this one! I won it in a giveaway! 

  6. It's a great color so that's an awesome win.