Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chanukah Night #2: Essence Into the Dark

Welcome to Night 2 of my Chanukah Manis: Silvery Blues and Wintery Hues!

After going all glittery yesterday, I needed something to cleanse my polish purist palette.  I recently received the amazingly gorgeous Vampire's Love collection from Essence in a swap with the lovely Ruth all the way from Spain (seriously ladies, Ruth may not blog, but she is one of the coolest nailphiles I've met!).  All the shades are deep, luxurious cremes infused with micro shimmer that make each so unique.  I thought Into the Dark was the perfect blue to celebrate the second night of Chanukah!

Into the Dark isn't navy, but a rich dusty dark cornflower blue.  This is almost as if Zoya Kelly had a drop more white in it.  Stunning.  If you look at the flash photo and the macro shot, you can make out that silvery grey micro shimmer that really makes this polish interesting.  While you can't make out the shimmer in normal light, the color alone is really beautiful. 

This is two coats which applied easily and thickly.  Could have been a one-coater but that's against my polish religion.

I love how this macro shot looks like stars during a snowy twilight (when did I become so poetic?).  It's truly a special addition to my collection.  Many thanks to Ruth again for sending this my way!

Happy second night of Chanukah!


  1. Happy Chanukah!:] and this polish.. gorgeous! i'm in love with swatches of this collection, i neeeeeeeeeeeed it 

  2. This is gorgeous on you Amanda!! Happy Chanukah to you :-)

  3. Thank you!!!  You really should find someone in Europe and get hooked up quick -- I've already swatched two (one pending on this blog) and they're absolutely amazing, both in color and formula.

  4. Thank you, Ruth!  Both for the holiday wishes and the polish :)