Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chanukah Night #1: Color Club De-luxe-icious

Welcome to Night 1 of my Chanukah Manis: Silvery Blues and Wintery Hues!

For my first Chanukah mani, I decided to try something out of my comfort zone: gritty glitter.

De-luxe-cious was part of the Color Club Untamed Luxury Collection, Diamond Edition from Fall 2010.  I picked this up quickly at a routine run to a random beauty store because I was shocked that I had never heard of this Color Club color in addition to the fact that, in the bottle, this looked like blinged out denim.

After 3 coats, here's what I got:

So yeah, this is gritty but I think I actually like it!  The silvery blue metallic base filled with very, very scattered holo glitter and chunky silver glitter is certainly an odd mix, but does belong in the Diamond part of the Untamed Luxury Collection.  I know that a lot of bloggers dismissed this color (and frankly, the entire Diamond edition) because they felt that the color in the bottle didn't translate to the nail and that the glitter "sunk" to the bottom of the polish once applied...but I think they might have set their expectations too high.  I, on the other hand, did not experience any "sinking" and in fact think that this looks like diamonds and ice on the nail.  

While I am surprised that I like this polish, I'm considering gifting it to another home, one that appreciates gritty glitter more than I do.  But otherwise, I am pleased that this was my first Chanukah mani.

What do you ladies think?  Does this polish sink or swim?

Happy first night of Chanukah!


  1. I won this polish in a giveaway and had the same reaction...it's just an odd polish. It almost reminds me of graphite or glittery cement.

  2. Glittery cement...that's a good description.

  3. Thanks! I'm happily surprised that I'm getting such positive responses since when I initially researched this color (read: Google imaged), most of the "big" bloggers were really unfavorable to this. It's not my favorite polish, but it's pretty cool and builds up nicely. Removal is a pain, though :(

  4. Happy Chanukah!! This polish looks really pretty on you

  5. OMG!! Amanda wore glitter!!! *gasp* I kid, I kid!! I like it!! :)

  6. Happy Chanukah!!!! 

    I was so sad that all the blogs hated this one because I love it! Even if it is a little gritty.

  7. I know, alert the paramedics because I must be losing it...

  8. Thanks for the holiday wishes :)  

    I'm glad you liked this, too.  Don't know what was up with all the haters.

  9. I almost bought this a while back ago! So pretty!