Tuesday, December 20, 2011

China Glaze City Siren

I never paid the China Glaze Metro Collection much notice.  I wasn't really taken with their muddy interpretation of urban life or the drab colors meant to represent buildings.  Plus, that Trendsetter was just godawful.  

But when Nory added City Siren (of the Uptown part of the collection) to my Chanukah gift, I had to change my tune.  While I typically gravitate towards bright cherry reds, this brick, almost dusty medium red, blew my mind.  I literally could not stop staring at my hands.  I just felt so chic.  

In two perfect coats, City Siren becomes a deep, glossy dark raspberry, with leanings towards brown.  This is what Essie Size Matters should have been but wasn't.

The flash photo makes this appear pinker than it is in real life.  Oddly enough, this polish reminds me of the red polish my mother wore in the early 90s, although I can't tell you why.  Regardless, I'm really happy that Nory sent this because while this is a red I would have typically avoided, I very much love this :)

What did you ladies think of the Metro Collection?  Trendy or dud?


  1. There is always a hidden gem in ugly collections ;) Enjoy!! It looks so right on you, I am happy you decided to try it :)

  2. Me too! It's just so lovely, I can't imagine my collection without it. Thank you again!!!