Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brucci Sparkling Bordeaux

Brucci has always been "safe" nail polish, with very basic cremes that follow the trends (mint green, lilacs, jades, etc.).  But very rarely have I seen them get into glitter, duochromes, or anything too flashy.  The quality of the polish is always stellar but you're never blown away by the results.

But then I picked up Sparkling Bordeaux and everything I thought about Brucci turned on its head.  As I sauntered into Rite Aid towards the Brucci displays, I was taken aback.  Were my eyes deceiving me?  Is this a jelly dark red infused with bright red glitter? I think so!

This is three coats (since it applies somewhat unevenly even at 2 coats).

I couldn't for the life of me get my camera to capture just how magical this glitter looks in real life.  This could almost be a Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle dupe, but since I don't own DL, I can't be certain.  What I am certain of is that this is one of the most beautiful reds that I own.  It's really a special little thing.

Anyone have Razzle Dazzle to compare?  Or am I off my rocker?

amanda  Graphic


  1. This is a beautiful cross between Bettina Radiance and Milani Garnet Gems and I loveeee!

  2. Coming soon to a mailbox near you :)

  3. Oh wow.! I haven't seen this one before.... very pretty!

  4. It's a new Brucci, came out this year.