Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bettina 157

I was in a serious need of a nail palette cleanse when I remembered that in my very first swap with Nory I received my first Bettina!  I decided it was time to take this baby for a whirl.

Part of Bettina's core (and numbered) collection, 157 is an opaque semi-frosty creme.  The color is quite a departure for me, but I must say, I think it really compliments my skin tone. I hate the look of mannequin hands, so this is a wonderful alternative.

But to describe this color.  A very pale champagne gold, this has a very slight peach undertone.  It's really quite a delicate polish and builds beautifully in 2-3 coats (my apologies, I can't remember!)

Look at when the morning light hits it:

With flash, the polish barely changes, which means that what you see is what you get!  And I like what I got!  Looking at these pictures reminds me of ballerinas, I don't know why.  

What do you guys think of this?  A good neutral, right? 

How do you go nude? 


  1. It looks very lovely and fresh. It goes so well with your skin tone. It has a nice shine, but looks very pretty in the sense of a nude color.

  2. Thanks!  I agree.  If I'm going to go "nude," there needs to be a bit more to the polish -- in this case, the shimmer/frosty finish -- otherwise being pale, I just look like I have no fingernails.