Sunday, December 4, 2011 and Doctors Without Borders

Because I am sharing a guest post over at Fierce Makeup and Nails, I decided to use my daily swatch post for something a bit more impactful.

I recently came across, a online auction site sponsored by over 70 makeup brands and bloggers to benefit Doctors Without Borders.  In their own words, is the result of a collaboration between beauty bloggers and brands. In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to make a meaningful contribution to charity — but there’s only so much a charity can do with eyeshadow and lipgloss.

So we’re putting our (new) makeup on the auction block. Winning bids will be donated directly to Doctors Without Borders. Bidders anywhere in the world are welcome, and shipping is “free.” That is, the full amount of your winning bid will go to charity — the bloggers have agreed to donate the cost of shipping, in addition to the items themselves.

We’re raising money for Doctors Without Borders because women are always disproportionately affected in any disaster. This organization is committed to bringing quality medical care to people in crisis, regardless of race, religion, or political affiliation. Its focus is international, and it’s a charity everyone can support. They treat rape victims in Papua New Guinea; they make sure women don’t die in childbirth in Pakistan; they helped flood victims in Mexico and earthquake victims in Haiti. They work in 65 countries around the world, and your donation will make an immediate impact.

I hope that those of you in the market for cosmetics will use this opportunity to visit their site and help a very worthy cause.

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  1. I'm posting the same thing today, great minds think alike ;)