Saturday, December 17, 2011

Barry M. Indigo

Having half my family live in London certainly has its perks :)

After sending my aunt on a wild goose chase trying to find Butter London polishes a few months ago (FYI: they're made in the USA and are only sold at like two stores in the UK), I asked her to pick me up some Barry M.'s.  Those, she said, do in fact exist over there.

One of my Barry M. lemmings was this little guy, Indigo.  I've really loved the resurgence of cobalt this fall, however the only polish shade that I've seen here to hit that color perfectly was Revlon Royal (which for some odd reason, I keep referring to as Revlon Cloak).  While I adore Royal, the Revlon polish is a straight, no frills jelly.

Indigo is a rich cobalt creme that applies better than any other Barry M. I own.  In two coats, you have absolute perfection!  These pictures were taken a day after I applied the mani (I normally take my pictures immediately after application) so there is minor tip wear. Don't blame Barry M. though for that happening so quickly: I wore this to a Chanukah party and was helping out a lot in the kitchen which I'm certain led to this not staying fresh through the next morning when this picture was taken.

Apart from how vibrant cobalt is, I really adore this shade of blue because, like navy, flatters almost any skin tone.  I love wearing this shade when I'm wearing a black and white outfit; it just makes me feel very trendy :)

Do any of you own any Barry M.'s?  I'm looking to expand my collection so which do you ladies recommend??


  1. This is such a beauty! It's so shiny! I love it!

  2. I know I've been using the word a lot lately, but this is the perfect example of a juicy creme. I have nothing similar to this beauty.

  3. This is so gorgeous!! And it goes so well with your skin tone.  I just got some Barry M's in a swap, but haven't tried them yet so I can't make any recommendations yet.  I hope to swatch them soon.

  4. I really like Barry M. It took me a few goes to get the hang of the formula and smell, but I'm very much fan. I'm sure you'll love them!