Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Zoya Sarah


Zoya Sarah may very well be fighting its way to the top of my favorites list.  I'm a big fan of reds but always stayed away from reds with shimmer because they always reminded me of Christmas tree ornaments and often downright cheap looking.  Not really my thing.  But this...this is gorgeous.

A thick jelly (not really a creme), this is a bright medium red with TONS of pink, gold, and orange shimmer.  This actually looks like it's burning -- not just glowing -- from within.  Amazeballs.

This was one of the four new Zoyas I bought with their recent deal of buy 2, get 2 free and so far, I'm really pleased with that haul.  My boyfriend suggested I wear this one first and boy, did I get a lot of compliments on this.  I hope to be whipping it out a lot this winter.

Check out the orangey gold glow emanating from the bottle!

My only issue with this Zoya was the application.  It may have been me since I was in an awkward position while I was polishing, but it just wasn't as smooth around the cuticles as I like.  I'm hoping it was me because I friggin' love this polish.

What do you gals think?  Even you red haters among us have to love this!


  1. Oh, lol...I guess I didn't read back far enough. ;)

    This polish is gorgeous, I love it. I don't wear true reds well, so I am always looking for something like this that is a little more pink, gold, or brown.

  2. OMG, LOVE!! I love Zoyas glass flecks (Apple, Faye, Tanzi, etc etc etc) and Zoya period. My favorite red WAS Isla, but this looks freaking amazing. Amazeballs indeed. I wonder how it compares to Karina? Looks slightly bluer. Very hot.

  3. @ Sarah, this definitely looks red in person if you're not into true reds, I don't know if this is the best fit. If you want a red with a little brown and pink, Essie Size Matters is a good place to go. It didn't work for me, but it seems to work for everyone else who swatched it!

    @ Trbo, first of all, awesome name. Second of all, despite the fact that I work in politics far, far away from the Liberty movement, I have to say your blog is hilarious. Will definitely be keeping up with you and the bald men.