Monday, November 21, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award, two and three!

I just wanted to publicly express my complete and utter gratitude to two lovely ladies who nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  I had previously received it from Sarah at Giveaway Lifestyles, so it completely blew my mind when I was nominated again by Katherine from Haul of Fame (seriously, check her blog out now!) and Connie.

Katherine, you are one of the gems that I've collected since I started blogging.  Our novelesque emails back and forth to each other always make me smile and I am so grateful for our friendship.  The fact that you nominated me back completely shocked me, although given how generous and kind you are, shouldn't have in the slightest.  
(And check out her Happy Holidays giveaway here!)

To Connie specifically, I am truly flattered and honored that you would even think to nominate me.  However, since I switched over to the Disqus comment system, I was unable to find a link to your blog.  I would love to give you a public shout out, so please feel free to email me the details so I can send my readers over to you!  My apologies for the annoyance...I will one day learn how to master technology...maybe.

UPDATE: I found Connie's blog!  Please check it out here.  Her swatches are lovely!

My thanks again to these beautiful ladies!


  1. Awww Amanda you made me blush! LOL. Of course I would nominate you, your swatches and reviews are great and you're so sweet. You deserve it!! I love our noveleque emails too, I swear I am emailing you back tonight. I'm running to the store and then coming back to work on that ;)
    Thanks again!!
    P.S. I ran to Rite Aid on my lunch break today and bought CQ Golden Green. Yay!