Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Swap Buddy, Anyone?

I'd like to reach out to my lovely followers and readers and propose a swap relationship.  I'm a bit tired of the same old brands and colors, and as much as I get my family in England to pick up Barry M. for me, it's not really feeding my fix.

I'm wondering if anyone out there, international or domestic, would be interested in a monthly swap setup.  Nothing major, just a few bottles and a max spending/value limit of like $15-20 so it doesn't become ridiculous.

I'm lucky that I live in New York City and there are a plethora of local brands that I have access to (Mattese Elite, Brucci, Color Club, Prevail, etc.).  Is there anyone out there who doesn't have these near them but has Catrice, Essence, or whatever?   Anything different from the usual fair is kinda what I'm looking for.

Anyone interested, please shoot me an email at

Preemptive thanks!



  1. I know I can get Color Club. Not sure about any of the others though. I wish I knew for sure because I would love to do a trade.

  2. Shoot me an email if you're interested:

    Looking forward!

  3. Would love to trade too, but I probably have the same stuff you have access too!!!

  4. you live in new york?? i'm super close to that, haha. i'd love to, but i think we have access to the same stuff :/

  5. @ my local girls: I appreciate you wanting to swap, but yeah, NY/NJ has all the same stuff. Wish there was a shop that carried some of the European brands around here...sigh...

    If anyone sees a color that they like and can't get a hold of, though, please let me know and I'm happy to search around for you!