Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SpaRitual A World of Compassion (Challenge Day 18: A Polish You Used to Covet)

SpaRitual was the first expensive polish I forced myself to buy.  I wanted this color so bad last year; that lovely dusty blurple, almost cornflower-esque.  Just dreamy.  I looked everywhere for a dupe before I succumbed and bought this and Living in the Moment

The first time I wore this, I was really disappointed.  The color was as gorgeous as I had imagined and it applied really well, but it chipped instantly.  Now that I've done this swatch, I'm assuming it was because it was very cold out the first time I wore this because the chipping was not nearly as bad this time.

All in all, a really lovely fall color.  Since this came out last year-ish, Color Club, Zoya etc. have come up with a bunch of dupes for this color...one of which I will be showing you all tomorrow, so get excited if you like A World of Compassion!


  1. Ha, you beat me to the punch! That's what I'm swatching for tomorrow's challenge.