Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sharing the Love

I'm a relatively new blogger but I must say, I've enjoyed every minute of it.  Every person I've "met" through my comments section or via email has been an absolutely gem.  I've even made domestic (Nory, from Florida) and international (Ruth, from Spain) swap buddies.  It's really quite exciting.

One thing I really enjoyed is how freely polish bloggers are apt to link back to another blog or have guest posts.  It costs nothing to follow a blog so I never quite understood some of the blogger hate and jealousy I know some more established blogs have experienced.  So in light of that, I want to reach out to all my newbie and established bloggers to try a week of cross-blogging.  

Ideally, what I'm proposing is that 7 bloggers (myself included), will circulate posts on each other's blogs for a week, eventually circling back.  No repeat posts or swatches.  That way,  everyone's followers will have an opportunity to find new polish blogs that they may equally love.

If any new blogger is interested, please shoot me an email at  At this point, I'll take the first 6 responses I get (as long as they're polish appropriate) and create a spreadsheet and email chain for all of us to schedule our rotating posts.  If I get a lot more responses than that, than I'm happy to make it 10 days, etc.  But nothing too overwhelming since us bloggers like to swatch on our own sites once and awhile!

I really hope this works out because I personally love finding new people to follow and new colors to lem (not a word, right?).  

Looking forward, ladies!  I hope you are, too ;)



  1. What a neat idea. I can't wait to see all the posts

  2. I count lem as a word, so it's all good ;]
    & great idea!! emailed you a second ago haha

  3. That is such a fantastic idea!! I am definitely interested in doing this!!

  4. What an awesome idea! I sent you an email about it. Hopefully I am not too late. :)

  5. I'll do it if you'll have me. I'm super new. My blog has only been up for like 3 weeks. I'm very sparse on followers so far; I could really use the exposure. :)