Friday, November 25, 2011

Share the Love, Day 5: Back to Me!

And I'm back to my lovely readers!

For Day 5 of my 5 Days of Greys, I chose Sinful Colors Slate.  A shimmery medium grey, this is one of the two new colors from the SC winter collection (Winterberry was the other).  The application was smooth, as it is with most SCs, but as I was looking at the uploaded pictures, I probably could've done with a third coat for full opacity.

The color is really nice as well.  The base grey isn't particularly unique, but the silvery shimmer in it gives it some pop.  For $2, what could be bad?

The only thing that makes me pause is the fact that this kinda reminds me of pencil tips.  Maybe the third coat would take away the lead-y look, who knows?  All in all, a really nice steely grey for winter.

So now that my 5 Days of Greys are over, I'm on to bigger and certainly brighter things.  

I hope everyone enjoyed following me around with the four lovely bloggers: Chelsea, Heather, Rachel, and Sarah.  Please feel free to start a "Share the Love" type cross-blogging with your own blogger friends.  If nothing else, it's a great way to meet new nailphiles!

Happy Black Friday!
Shop well :)

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  1. i really like this grey, the shimmer is too pretty

  2. I think that's what I really like about grey polishes, the modernity.  Doesn't feel dated...yet.