Monday, November 28, 2011

Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue

Just a quick post today of a swatch I did last week.

What a total mess, although it's probably my own fault.  I love me some CSMs, but this blue didn't apply as smoothly as I'm used to and I didn't really take the time to make this work (oh, Tim Gunn...).  The color, though, is a lovely, almost dusty cobalt blue, which I think is pretty cool.  In some ways, it's very primary color-ish and I think will be flattering on any skin tone.

Sorry this is so fuzzy.  I guess I moved when I went to take the picture.

Ooh, bad cleanup job.  The lighting in my room is horrendous.  Sorry about this as well!
The picture with flash shows that this is not even close to navy blue, although it certainly is not that bright.  For anyone that wants a brighter yet season friendly color, I would recommend Thinking of Blue.  Just apply with care.

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  1. This is a gorgeous blue, I love blue that is one of my favorite polish colors. I have so many though, this is very pretty on you.