Monday, November 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Lavender Cloud (Challenge Day 24: A Polish You Want to Wear to Your Funeral)

I thought this day's challenge was a bit, um...morbid?  I feel like I really could've only gone in two ways for this: black or white.  And since black is not the way I want my nails to go when I go, I went the other way...ish.

Lavender Cloud was a color I recently hauled from a Walgreens Sally Hansen deal (3 for $10, can you get any better than that?!).  I'm typically not drawn to white whites or uber light pastels, but I do love me some purple.  I have a major hole in my stash of lighter, white based colors so I thought since there was a tinge of lavender in it, it may not be as stark.

The lavender is very, very mild and can really only be seen if you're looking for it.  However white this creme looks, it wasn't chalky and I found myself constantly looking at my nails after I did this mani.  Not because this is particularly unique (although I can't say I've ever seen a white that leans purple before), but I think because I'm just so unused to wearing this shade.  And I think I like it!  This would probably be best to wear during a first snow or in the middle of spring, but it was a nice change of pace to have something so pure on my nails.

This is 3 coats.

Can you guys see the lavender or am I fooling myself because I just love purple so much?


  1. that's a really weird challenge...but I like the colour you chose :)

  2. I definitely see the lavender tinge; it gives the white base a really cool murkiness in pastels - seems to make them so much more wearable! As to the, yeah.....odd.......!!!

  3. I like that you think this is murky. I thought that about the Mattese Elite Zombie collection's pastels.