Thursday, November 3, 2011

Revlon Fierce (Challenge Day 20: A Polish That is Glitter)

I've never been shy about my distaste for glitter.  From the teeny-bopper feel I get from wearing glittery polish to the miserable clean-up, glitter has never been a major presence in my stash. 

However, I was really taken with this color from Revlon's recent Edgy Elegance collection.  It sorta reminded me of a redder version of Dannii...a major lemming of mine.  Fierce is absolutely stunning and completely glows from within.  A deep reddish purple with a metallic, almost foil finish, this color is the only winner in the EE collection in my opinion.

I'm actually wowed by these photos.  I should really wear this more often.

Cool fact: when you take this off (which isn't too terrible for a glitter), the red color comes off immediately and you have a layer of silvery pink foil left.  It's a pretty lovely base color that I'm assuming is what gives the glow to this polish.

Does anyone have Fierce and/or Dannii?  What do you think?  Are they somewhat similar?  Should I get Dannii stat??


  1. Amanda I own both Dannii and Fierce and they are great in their own right. Dannii is a golden foil purple completely breath taking and Fierce has more of a silver undertone with the red like you mentioned. Dannii literally comes off with one swipe of an acetone cotton round, Fierce takes me a couple and a hard hand. I love Fierce because that is my Blogs name LOL and it caught my attention instantly how can I have a Blog called Fierce Makeup and Nails and not own Fierce! But Dannii is a whole other level of awesomeness. Hope that helps... :)

  2. Nory, you sold me. I just ordered Dannii (and Sarah, Marina, and Yara) with the Zoya buy 2, get 2 free coupon code. I'm really excited!