Tuesday, November 8, 2011

OPI Warm and Fozzie (Challenge Day 25: A Polish that is Easy to Apply)

Can I just say I'm in love?  

Of the new Muppets collection, I was really only intrigued by this and Designer...De Better!, and the swatches for both convinced me that I needed to sell my soul if necessary to get them.  I can happily report that I have both my soul and these polishes and the result is true gorgeousness.

Warm and Fozzie is really a joy to apply (and I'm not just saying that as an excuse to wear this in the middle of the challenge month...although I really wanted to wear this before fall ended).  Two coats works well, but I used three to get more depth since I realized the flash was washing it out.

As to color, this is the most unique brown/gold/bronze I've ever seen.  Sorta metallic and sorta foil, this brims with colored micro shimmer in yellow, green, pink, and blue.  I have a macro shot on the bottom that captures that perfectly.  My only criticism is that I wish it was a bit darker (maybe use more bronze than gold in the base?), because I think from far away, the amazingness gets lost.  But other than that, this is the ultimate fall polish if you're looking for something that really packs a punch.

For a polish with tons of micro glitter, this was cinch to take off.  I would advise anyone who loves golds, browns, and foils to run to their nearest cosmetic outlet of their choice and get this color before it runs out (I had to go to like 3 different stores before I found this).

Are you ladies as in love as me??


  1. I love this shade too! There's something, well, warm & FUZZY about it and it seems just so perfectly suited to the changing weather. PS: looks really, really nice against your skin tone!

  2. Eugenia, thanks so much! I look forward to wearing this color out before snow officially hits NY.

    Nory, it's BEYOND gorgeous. I hope you pick it up; would love to see it swatched on you!

  3. This looks great on you!! It's funny, because this was my mani today and I was thinking about how much I would really love it if it was darker LOL

  4. I really want that one, it's lovely.

  5. so gorgeous! i love it on you. i need to wear this asap, i'm thinking it has to be my next mani.

  6. @ Sarah, you really need to! I feel like once December hits, the color palette goes from golds to silvers. Warm and Fozzie is absolutely amazing.