Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nicole by OPI It's Not Me, It's Blue

My first NOPI and I think it's love.

I was never particularly drawn to NOPI polishes.  They were never super unique to me and after Justin Bieber did a collection, I kinda lost respect (sorry, Beliebers).  However, after my -- and this pains me to say -- surprisingly positive reaction to the Kardashian Kollection, I was more willing to give NOPI a whirl.

It's Not Me, It's Blue is one of the four new NOPI colors exclusive (I think?) to Target for Fall 2011.  The other three colors are equally nice (see the swatches here), but I was quite taken with this little guy.  In the bottle, it looks like liquid denim mixed with diamonds.  See my second pic for an awesome bottle shot that really highlights the shimmer.  I don't really think of this as a glitter since the silvery particles are really embedded in this polish and make it apply smoothly and opaquely in three coats.

Look at the shimmer in the bottle!

Fabulous, right?  Almost makes me want to go out and get the other 3 colors.  Ooh, this is just freakin' gorgeous!

What's everyone else's verdict on NOPI?

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  1. I like a few of their colors but hate the brush. That said, there are so many brands with great brushes that I'm ok with that. I'll pass.

  2. I haven't every really paid them any attention until the Kardashian polishes myself. I have a few that I have gotten in trades, bu tthey are all still in my untrieds. I need to get to trying them. I really like this one.

  3. NOPI does have nice polishes. I just dislike the bottle shape, so that kind of makes me not like them. This color is gorgeous though, I may have to learn to live with the shape of the bottle lol. :)

  4. Thanks, it's really a great color :)

  5. The bottle is a bit weird, I agree.  I hate when companies try to be "hip" and it just looks forced.  Basic square bottles (Barry M., Color Club) work for me!

  6. Funny name for a nail polish. Looks beautiful on your nails.