Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mattese Elite Whack (Challenge Day 26: A Polish that is Hard to Apply)

First off, I have to say that I love Mattese Elite's PR releases for their collections.  I just find them so eye catching, I constantly find myself drawn to their collections (and their awesome names) at Ricky's even if I'm not a fan of the colors.

The Cosa Nostra Mob Collection was no exception.  I found myself really drawn to all the colors, however, I had pretty similar colors in my collection...except for Whack.  A plummy purple, I really liked Traci from The Trace Face Philes' swatch and snatched this up in her blog sale shortly after.

The color is a bit different from her swatches in real life, and even in my pictures, you can see how flash and artificial light makes the purple seem brighter than it is.  In typical light, this is a deep plum and looks dark purple, never black or even close to a medium purple.

The application the first time I wore this was a mess.  It was my first Mattese Elite and I didn't know how runny it would be.  When I went to apply it for this swatch, I was much more careful and there was less cuticle drag, but I'm still not in love with the brush and formula; you may be able to see how I wasn't 100% able to get a nice smooth line at my cuticles, which makes me super nuts.

See the unevenness at my ring finger's cuticle?  Ugh, I haaaate that.

However, this experience will probably not stop me from getting more Matesse Elite in the future.  I really like this color and apart from wishing there was maybe a bit more to this (slight shimmer, perhaps?), I'll probably be wearing this a lot this winter.

Full disclosure though, I think I bought into the kitschy advertising because I had just finished watching the entire Sopranos series and got really into the Mob Wives show, which films in my area oddly enough.  I think the Cosa Nostra nail polish just fed into a weird  mob-centric phase I was going through this summer.

I feel like this is pretty dupe-able, though.  Does anyone know of anything similar?


  1. Keep checking Ricky's - sometimes, they mark down ME Polishes for $0.99! And they are not all runny, although I HAVE experienced that with one color in particular :)

  2. Lovely color.
    I may sound crazy but I have never heard of this brand either.
    I was totally I to the MOB WIVES show as well hehehe! The PR would of had me buying all of them too. LOL.

  3. PG, great to know! I go to NYU so there are at least 3 Ricky's that I know of in that area. I will keep on the lookout :)

    Nory, I think Mattese Elite is exclusive to Ricky's because I've only ever seen it there. Ricky's has a website, so you might want to check that out there. And if you like this, check out ME's latest Zombie collection... pretty cool also.