Wednesday, November 16, 2011

L.A. Colors Jungle Fever

I typically change my nail polish once a day.  I know it's a bit much but 1) I get bored easily, 2) I have so many polishes to swatch, I feel guilty not trying everything out, and 3) I really enjoy the process of polishing my nails.  So it really says something when I keep a polish on for more than a day or two.

This was one of those polishes.  I wasn't so sure about dark teals.  I mean, they always looked nice on other people, but I didn't like the mint thing on me so for some reason that bled into my ambivalence about teals.  So when I found this little gem for $2 at Essentials, I figured it was worth a try.

First of all, let me just say the application on this was amazing.  I didn't anticipate something so cheap that I bought on a whim to be so thick and lovely.  The color is also great.  In some lights it looks dark, dark blue, other times dark, dark green.  The bluey-ness mainly comes out in direct sunlight, as you can see from my sole picture.  The polish turns more green, however, with more wear.  I don't think the formula changed or anything, but by Day Two, it just seemed more green than teal.  

While I would have preferred the color to stay (at least in my eyes) this creamy teal you see above, the formula alone blows me away.  

Major caveat: when I went to remove this polish, both my hands turned completely green.  This baby bleeds.  I don't use acetone based remover because I have really sensitive skin, but my normal Vitamin E remover typically does the trick.  But this greenness discolored my fingertips and fingers for a good day.  I washed my hands a number of times and eventually it came off, but I was still able to notice a green tinge to my skin.  It's not the most appealing of looks.  I will definitely use this polish again, but probably when I'm feeling more forgetful about the removal.

What are you favorite brands of teals?  I'm thinking of branching my collection out into this direction so I'd love recommendations

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  1. This colour is really lovely. Wonder why I've never noticed it before! Unsurprisingly OPI do some very good teals.

  2. I'm glad you ladies like it. I actually went out today and picked up Sally Hansen Fairy Teal because I liked this teal so much. Hope it looks just as creamy!

  3. I love when inexpensive polishes are surprisingly amazing! I'm loving Mattese Elite "Ski Teal Dusk" (which is a dupe of OPI Ski Teal We Drop"). Essie "Dive Bar" is an incredible shimmery deep teal that I totally recommend as well, but it is much darker.

  4. This is a gorgeous color on you!

  5. This is beautiful. You cant go wrong with a good teal, although teal fingers aren't fun lol