Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Haul

While I didn't get caught up in the Black Friday madness, I did take random stops at Target, Harmons (first time ever!), and Rite Aids over the holiday weekend to check out the polish deals.  Here's my haul:

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia
Revlon Plum Seduction
Revlon Chic
CQ Corduroy
CQ Idyllic
Barry M. Indigo
Barry M. Raspberry
Sally Hansen InstaDri Ruby Rush
Nicole by OPI It's Not Me, It's Blue

Apart from Plum Seduction and Corduroy, none were real lemmings but I'm excited to try them all.  Facets of Fuchsia was a total departure from me (as anyone reader knows, I'm anti glitter), but since I'm currently suffering from polish regret after not buying Revlon Royal Cloak and L'oreal Owl's Night when I saw them in the store, I figured I might as well try out this hyped up color.  I plan on layering it over Sally Hansen Midnight in NY (the closest polish I have to a true black)...I'll let you ladies know how it goes!

The Barry M.'s were gifts from my aunt who was visiting from London for Thanksgiving.  I'm on the fence about the Barrys as they have an interesting smell (I've heard some European polishes just smell differently from American ones, which I can know attest is true).  However, they make some really great cremes.  Looking forward to trying out Indigo.

It's Not Me, It's Blue is my first ever NOPI and I'm really impressed by it.  I have it on my nails currently and will post the swatch later today.  I can't wait to hear what you guys have to say!

A lot of my hauling (which are not pictured here) was for holiday gifts for certain swap buddies of mine.  I personally think they are really cool finds, but you'll just have to let your imagination run wild because I don't want spoil the surprise in case they read this!

I'm so curious: how were your holiday hauls?  Get anything good?


  1. Awesome! That's a lot of good stuff! I have never tried Barry M, or CQ. I have wanted to get Facets of Fuschia but then I don't, LOL. Maybe I'll pick one up next time I see it. I have done a lot of Hauling lately most of it is online purchases, so the wait continues, *sigh*!

  2. I've not done any 'hauling' yet but that's by choice because I'm waiting for all the deals! I just went to sniff my Barry M polishes and I would say they smell less sweet compared to a CG for example LOL x

  3. Nail mail is the best though.  I love getting those packages in the mail!  Well worth the wait :)

  4. I actually laughed out loud when I read you sniffed your Barry M.'s!  Be careful!

  5. Great haul! You got some nice colors there!

  6. I'm Canadian...even though we try to mimic Black Friday, nothing compares :D Boxing Day is when everything is super cheap for us...but still not as cheap as Black Friday