Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guest Post: Nory from Fierce Makeup and Nails (Day 2)

The sweet Nory has an even better mani -- if that's even possible -- for her second guest post!  I was really blown away by her really lovely autumn mani yesterday, and today she brings a really mod winter mani.  She really knows how to mix colors in a way I haven't really seen before.  Check it out:

Hello all you Amandalandish Followers!!

For my second post, I decided to do some nail art.  I'm not the greatest at it but I do love trying new techniques.  I really LOVE how splatters look, so I decided to try something that reminded me of winter and snow. 

Yesterday I purchased Essie's School of Hard Rocks from the Winter 2011 Collection.  I really loved it on its own, it a dusty teal with a modern edge.  Opaque in two quick coats and the formula was awesome!  I really would recommend this color, one of my faves of the entire collection.

For the splatter I used to coats of the SOHR and then used Essence's Choose Me! and Sally Hansen's White On.  This is what I came out with, splatters are all unique and I like that! I like that no two manis will ever be identical.

I had a little bit of smearing on my index and thumb when I applied the top coat, but it wasn't too big of a deal for me so I kept it that way.  There are so many endless splatter combos that blow my mind, can't wait to try some more!!

I want to say thank you to Amanda, once again, for this great opportunity to share my love for polish with you all. I can't wait to see Amanda's posts on my blog! 

Hope you all have a great day, and may your polish never chip!! Haha.


Is that not a beautiful mani?  I really want that pattern in those colors in a scarf, it's really that wearable.  

I want to thank Nory for filling my blog with two really beautiful posts.  I'm so flattered that she chose these manis for my blog :)

(And I actually snorted when I read "may your polish never chip"...hilarious.)

((Shout out to David, my amazing boyfriend, on his 27th birthday!  Since he doesn't read this blog, I don't feel so bad announcing his age.)


  1. Beautiful design reminds me of marble. You got yourself another follower:)

  2. Happy Bday David! Thanks Amanda for having me be a part of your blog!!! Can't wait for your guest posts.