Monday, November 14, 2011

Essie Size Matters

First of all, I apologize for the messy index finger.  While polishing, a huge glop of polish fell onto my finger and refused to be removed.  In the end, it looks like my pointer finger got into a bloody brawl and lost.

Anyways, here is Essie Size Matters from their latest holiday collection.  Out of the entire set, this is the one I wanted the most.  As a fan of red, after seeing swatches I thought this would be a beautiful holiday addition.  

It isn't.

I think it might just be my skin tone, but this isn't red.  It isn't pink either.  It's like some sort of brown/pink hybrid that is conspiring together against my hands.  I think it just looks terrible on me.  With flash, it looks somewhat dark berry-ish, but in real life, I felt this was just neither here nor there.  I tried to convince myself I liked it but in the end, it just wasn't meant to be.  Size Matters now belongs to my friend Carrie...far, far away from my stash.

In the pictures, it doesn't look too bad, I'll admit.  But there's something about the brown in the base that just doesn't make this pop the same way it does when photographed.  I'm bummed it didn't work out, but hoping the Essie Spring Collection works more in my favor.

What did you gals think of the Essie winter collection?  Hit or miss?


  1. Overall I like the collection much more than I thought I would. I didn't get this polish or Brooch The Subject but I like all the other ones. I know what you mean about this polish not being red. When I saw it at the store it's like...dirty raspberry or something? Haha I dunno, but in the end it wasn't for me. Sorry you didn't like this one.

  2. Dirty Raspberry... that's a perfect name for this. Better than "brown/pink hybrid conspiring against me." Or at least, shorter.

  3. this is kind of a weird colour, but still pretty!

  4. Thank you for the nail polish but just for the record- it looks horrible on me too!

  5. I absolutely your 3rd photo od Size Matters...But since you said that it is not true to the np color, could you recommend np similar to our 3rd photo of SM? I absolutely adore this photo and need np like that.

  6. The three polishes I would recommend would be:

    L'oreal Owl's Lust

    China Glaze City Siren

    China Glaze Velvet Bow

    These aren't exactly the same, but I think are in a good general range for someone looking for a warmer, medium to dark red. Please let me know if you have any other questions and good luck on your search!