Sunday, November 6, 2011

Essie First Dance (Challenge Day 23: A Polish You Want to Wear to Your Wedding)

I actually swatched this in one of my first blog posts, but since my camera skills have gotten a bit better and given the day's challenge, I felt the need to reswatch.

Essie First Dance is one of my favorite all time polishes.  I'm a red polish girl (which I know is a minority in the polish blogosphere) and I love the 1940s pinup vibe red nails emote.  In fact, I love everything 1940s, '50s, and early '60s (think Mad Men, not Free Love).  In fact, Joan Holloway is my fashion idol.  So is it any surprise that I would want to wear this fabulous, gorgeous, beyond beautiful shade of red to my wedding?

First Dance is actually a wedding polish, part of the Essie Bridal Collection from this spring.  A lot of bloggers questioned this choice in the collection of light blues and pastel pinks, but I think this was the perfect addition for someone who likes classic styles with a twist.  I don't think everyone could pull off red nails to their wedding, but I certainly hope that when my time comes, I can do the red crowd proud.

This polish is what I'd consider a semi-jelly.  It applies well, but since I like depth to my reds, I used 3 coats for this (I have this on my toes right now also, but think 2 coats worked for that).  Oooh, I just heart this polish so friggin much.

How do you ladies feel about red polish in a bridal collection or for a bride?  Tacky or retro?


  1. This is really pretty on you. I'm not too much of a red girl, but this is really nice. I love Essie, they do everything great.

    If you want to wear red on your wedding day, go for it!

    BTW, I saw the photo of you and your boyfriend under your 'contact me' page. Could the two of you be any cuter?!? You're gorgeous!

  2. You are too sweet! We actually are the least photogenic couple ever so when we took that pic, we were super excited that we both look human. But thank you again!

    And thanks for the vote of confidence on the red! Now I just need to see if my mom okays it...Jewish New York mothers...I may not have a say :S

  3. I had red nails for my wedding... It matched my Chinese wedding dress perfectly!

  4. That must have been beautiful!

  5. I wore this on my wedding day just 2.5 months ago and loved it. Did you wear it in the end?

  6. That's so exciting! But I'm not married yet so no updates to give you about that.