Saturday, November 19, 2011

Color Club Ash Brown

I can't believe it!  I just signed on to post this next swatch and I saw that I have hit 199 followers!  Wow, I am really touched at the support you ladies have shown.  Since I'm currently having a 150 Follower Holiday Giveaway, I don't think I can manage two giveaways and Thanksgiving, so I'll probably have something for you wonderful people the week after Turkey Day.  Thanks again for following and thanks for your patience for giveaway #4!

Now to the swatch of the day.  This color was an impulse buy (let's be seriously, about 99% of my polish hauls are impulse buys).  I was doing some ordering online for my swap buddies, Ruth and Nory, and I saw that Ash Brown was being touted as a dupe for Essie Smokin' Hot.  Smokin' Hot was on my wish list, so I was intrigued by the dupery (yeah, that's right.  I made up that word and hells yeah I'm gonna use it).  For $3, I added it to my order.  Check this puppy out:

I loooove this color.  Creamy goodness in just two coats.  The color is amazing: like a purple brown with a tinge of grey.  You can see from the pictures with and without flash how the color shifts.  I love cremes that do that.

Here's the funny thing that I noticed.  I was doing my daily read throughs of my bloggerettes and came across Nory's latest untried swatch: Color Club Rad Nomad, from the Back to Boho collection.  Um, Color Club...I think you made the same polish twice.  And I apparently got the one with the less creative, albeit more accurate, name.  Weirddd.

I discovered Color Club late into my polish obsessiondom and I have to say, they have yet to seriously disappoint.  I also like square bottles, so that helps :)

Anyone else have Rad Nomad and/or Ash Brown?  Identical twins switched at birth or I need to make an eye appointment STAT?


  1. Lovely swatches! I passed on Rad Nomad because I thought it might look too dark, you're making me think twice >.>

  2. You are SO right this is Rad Nomad with a different name, that is extremely weird! It looks great by the way, and I also discovered Color Club recently and have been extremely pleased with all they have to offer. Especially if you can find the whole sets at Ross for like $7.99 it's a big win, Ill keep an eye out and let you know when I find them so I can send them your way. :)

  3. they look SOOO similar! i agree with the dupe title:]

  4. You're awesome, Nory! Katherine from Haul of Fame and I were emailing about how us New Yorkers don't have access to those $8 CC sets because there are no Rosses here. It really sucks :(

  5. I took a drive yesterday to the Ross in Lawrenceville, NJ and they had the sets. No Sally Hansen Prisms though.

    I did find a place in Flushing that is selling $2 Color Club - Ace Beauty Supply in Flushing. Yay!!

  6. I love this on you. I think it looks great. For some reason, I don't own this or Rad Nomad. I'm going to have to pick one of these up ;)

  7. I ordered this from 8ty8 Beauty, which you recommended! The shipping was a flat $7, which is somewhat pricey if you're not ordering a lot, but I got it the next business day. For $3, it's a great polish!