Wednesday, November 30, 2011

China Glaze + Hunger Games = ???

While I normally may have never mentioned this, since I posted that the China Glaze Hunger Games collection was one of my most anticipated polish lines expected out in Spring 2011, I felt I should follow up with the latest news.

According to and other online news sites, China Glaze and Hunger Games are not meant to be.  Here's a short article I lifted from Racked:

Earlier this month, a line of Hunger Games-branded China Glaze nail polish colors started to make the rounds on beauty blogs.  Shortly after we [Racked] wrote about the line, we got an email from a rep for Lionsgate, the studio producing The Hunger Games movies, informing us that the polishes weren't official.

Now, there's a new detail in the story: a lawsuit. American International Industries (AII), which owns China Glaze, is suing Lionsgate for breach of contract.

AII claims that they made a deal with Lionsgate to produce and promote the line of Hunger Games nail polishes. However, when images of the collection leaked early, Lionsgate told reporters (including us) that the deal wasn't confirmed yet. AII says that they "refused to lie" about the collab and were then informed by a Lionsgate rep that the deal was off.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "American says it purchased millions of dollars in nail polish materials and expended substantial time and labor in reliance on the fully-executed contract, and it wants $10 million in damages."  Several entertainment bloggers who run Hunger Games fansites told Racked that Lionsgate has been "very tight-lipped" about giving out spoilers and has taken away access from bloggers and reporters who didn't fall in line.

Our speculation? Lionsgate is going to blame someone at AII/China Glaze for leaking the colors ahead of time. 

Ooh, juicy.  What do you ladies think??


  1. Oh noes!!!!!! I was SOOOO looking forward to these! Not because of the show or movie, which I have never heard of, but because I love CG and the colors looked awesome. Hopefully they will release the colors under a different theme.

  2. :( oh no! I was looking forward to this collection.

  3. that makes me sad. I love The Hunger Games :)

  4. EXACTLY what _I_ was thinking, Trbobitch!

  5. I'm reeaalllyyy bummed about this. The colors looked so awesome!