Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bonus Post: Sinful Colors Secret Admirer with Island Girl Red Glitter Nail Art Pen

Bonus Post!

My boyfriend recently came back from a family trip to Hawaii.  Among the many lovely things he brought back for me, he also surprised me with Island Girl nail polish!  I was completely shocked that a) he knew enough to find a local brand of polish for me and b) I didn't even think to ask him to look for Island Girl before he left.  So it was a nice surprise.

Apart from the lovely purple semi-holo he brought back (I will be swatching this soon), he also picked up this red glitter nail art pen.  I'm not into nail art nor do I have the ability to do much artsy, but I figured I might try a small accent over Sinful Colors Secret Admirer, since they both have a similar glitter gradient.

Nothing too crazy, I only wore this on my left hand.  It was definitely a new thing for me and I kept finding myself looking down at it.  I guess I'll need to keep experimenting to see what nail art I'm comfortable with.  But I'm happy with the color combo since it's one of my boyfriend's favorite mix.

Any suggestions for my next stab at nail art with this red glitter pen?


  1. I think this is perfect for the up and coming holidays!

  2. Ha, my boyfriend thought it looked like a scuba diving flag. Go figure.