Friday, November 18, 2011

Blog Hop, Week 1

Just a quick post to share a really cute idea Sarah from Giveaway Lifestyle initiated.  It's called a blog hop and it's a way for bloggers and followers to find each other.  I know that I personally love finding new blogs to stalk so I'm really excited to take part.

You can get involved in a few ways:

- Click the button under my new category on the right sidebar called "Currently."  That button will take you directly to Sarah's page where you can access the linky link (yes, that's what it's called) to add your blog to the list as well as find new blogs you might be interested in.

- If you find a blog you like, be sure to follow them and let them know in the comments section that you found them via blog hop.  Leave your blog there (if you have one) so they are sure to follow you back.

- Check Sarah's post for more info.

I hope you ladies get in on this!  


  1. I participated in this :) Thanks for following, I'm your newest (the 199th, haha) follower! ;)