Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barry M. Bright Purple

My first Barry M.!  How exciting!

Half my family lives in London and while it's hard to have them so far away, it's also really nice to have a place to go on vaca as well as have family members who can pick me up goodies I can't get in New York (thank you, Ronni!).

When I first heard of Barry M., I didn't think much of it.  Pffft, thought Amanda, everything I need nail-wise is here.  But then my cousin, Nicole, came to visit at the end of the summer and got severely delayed going back home because of Hurricane Irene.  So she, her also stranded British friend, and I spent a large amount of time stuck indoors polishing nails.  And that's when I had my first encounter with Barry M.  

I must say, I think I fell in love with the bottle first.  I don't know what it is, but I like symmetry and this cute little square thing is just so gosh darn adorable to me!  I had seen some swatches done by Sonidlo of the Barry's so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask my aunt to pick one up for me.

Without further ado, here is the (not really, don't even know why it's named) Bright Purple:

The application was fine, but a bit different to what I'm used to so my first few nails were sorta liquidy and gloopy.  There's also an interesting smell...not bad, just different I guess from American polishes.  While initially a bit streaky, after 3 coats, this looks like creamy heaven.

The one thing I don't like about this, however, is that it's just not bright.  All the swatches I have seen of this color have shown what appeared to be a muted fuchsia, bright but still dark (if that makes sense).  This isn't that color at all.  The most color accurate are the ones without flash that show a deep berry-ish purple.  With flash, this looks like any ordinary purple (and similar to Mattese Elite Whack with flash).

Regardless, I do like this color but will probably use it mostly for pedis than manis.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow when my aunt flies in for Thanksgiving with all my new Barry M. goodies!

So what do you ladies think of Barry M.?

(My apologies for the hazy photography again.  It's like my camera's been on a two-night bender and woke up with a hangover.)


  1. I do not own any Barry M but would love to try this brand. The bottles are EXTREMELY cute and of course it's just like life when something is unattainable I want it lol!!

  2. I like this a lot. It looks really nice on you. I'm sure you will be picking a few more up this summer ;)

  3. @ Nory, I wish I knew you wanted them! My aunt in London is actually on the plane now to come in for Thanksgiving, otherwise I would've asked her to pick some up for you.

    @ Katherine, can you imagine what customs is gonna do with me on my way back from the wedding? I'm literally gonna have a dress and 15,000 bottles of polish.