Monday, November 21, 2011

As promised...

Here are a few more bang pictures from my boyfriend's birthday party this weekend.  It was a Mexican theme, hence the silly hats.

My boyfriend, Dave, and me.

My mother and me rocking Mommy Daughter bangs.  Isn't my mother gorgeous?  She'd kill me if she knew I posted a picture of her.

I guess I was excited...?

Dave and me.

Dave's pugle, Yoda, got in on the action.
I've been posting a lot of pictures of myself recently and it's making me nervous!  I don't really like posting pictures of myself, so I may chicken out and take this down soon.


  1. Don't take this down! Your pics are great...looks like you guys are having fun. And u and ur boyfriend are so cute together, you have beautiful hair :)

  2. Another Amanda and Dave (my hubby's name is Dave)?!?! Hahaha, great pics!

  3. Cute couple!! Don't take this down, they are lovely pictures :) Glad to see you had fun!

  4. Don't chicken out! You're gorgeous, post away! lol. Could you and your boyfriend be any cuter? He reminds me of someone, I can't pin point it but I'm thinking a young Matt Damon??
    Your hair and nails look great too haha. Dave's dog looks awesome! Dogs + hats = a great time ;)

  5. Thanks, Katherine! And it's funny because EVERYONE thinks he looks like Matt Damon...I don't see it. He's more of that dude from Dexter to me.

  6. Great pics Amanda!!  I love them.

  7. Aw, thanks! I'm pretty picture phobic so I blocked out the fact that I posted these :S

  8. LOL!  I am too.  On my blog anyway.  I like them though ;0).