Monday, October 10, 2011

Zoya Neeka

I absolutely dreamed of this color.  Smoky royal purple with gold microshimmer, Zoya Neeka is beyond gorgeous.  From Zoya's Smoke and Mirrors Fall 2011 collection, Neeka and Jem were two colors I really debated getting.  But I must say, I'm happy I caved in the end.  This is utter autumn perfection.  (Side question: where is Zoya pulling these names from?  Lately, they seem to be throwing vowels against the wall and hoping they hit some consonants.)


  1. I really like this color! I have been into purple lately so I have to get me this bad boy OMG! :)

  2. I've wondered about the names too although that one is actually named after a blogger.

  3. That's so interesting! I'm curious where you heard that from?