Monday, October 31, 2011

Zoya Kelly (Challenge Day 16: A Polish That You Used to Love and Now Hate)

Oops!  I mixed up my Day 16 and Day 17.  Today should have been Zoya Kelly, a polish that I used to love and now hate.  So instead of posting this tomorrow, I'll just do a double post today :)

So Zoya Kelly.  This polish has always been a bit tricky for me.  When I first saw this on blogs about a year ago, I was ga-ga for it.  I neeeeeded it.  So when Zoya ran a Facebook special, I ran to order this.  But then I got it.  And I stopped loving it so much.

And then this challenge started and I knew that this little Zoya would be perfect for today's challenge.  But then I put it on.  And I think I sorta like it again.  I'm feeling very conflicted with this color...

On the definite plus side, like all Zoyas, the application was great in 2 coats (although for some reason, I believe this was 3 coats).  The color is a dusty, muted, almost muddy blue.  There's no brown in this but for some reason I can see this as somewhat browny in certain lights.  With flash, this looks almost blurple, but let me assure you, this is the farthest thing from blurple.  Maybe the polish is confused itself.  

See?  This last picture kinda looks brown, right?  Or am I losing it?

Should I hate this or love this?


  1. It def looks brown girl, you aren't going crazy! I just started buying some Zoya and I haven't had any problems yet, this color is good to have on hand for basic day to day manis, I kinda like it ;)

  2. It's definitely a good fall color, but I think I just had my expectations set too high. I appreciate you validating my sanity though!