Saturday, October 15, 2011

Update on Giveaway

I'm floored by the response to this giveaway!  I'm really happy this has excited all my old and new followers :)

While I have no swatch for today, I just wanted to make sure that everyone who entered (and will enter) this giveaway, has their entry count.  Some issues that I've noticed when creating my giveaway list:

  • Please make sure that you send me your email address.  One or two of you have left me their GFC in the comment section, but never sent me the rest of the info.  I want to make sure that I can get in touch with you in case you win, so please just check back in your sent mail or comment to make sure you've included that.
  • A bunch of people have graciously posted this giveaway on their Facebook page.  It's entirely my fault for not having any reference to Facebook in the original rules so anyone that has posted and let me know with the link has received an additional 1 entry.  This will also stand for future entries and anyone that has already entered and wants to do this can shoot me an email with their GFC name and the FB link and I will happily add that extra entry to the list.
I'll be back tomorrow with more swatches.  I'm so excited to share my Day 1 pick for the 30 Day Challenge I announced earlier in the week.  It's my favorite polish!  (Well, one of them at least...)