Monday, October 17, 2011

Sally Hansen Quick Sand (Challenge Day 2: Least Favorite Polish)

It's not that I hate this polish.  I think I just very much dislike it.  So for Day 2, I've chosen Sally Hansen InstaDri Quick Sand for my least favorite polish.

When the whole "mannequin hands" thing was all the rage, I was intrigued...but not enough to really get into it.  But then, Zoya did their Touch collection this summer (3 nudes with shimmer) and I was slightly more interested in trying it.  Since I love me some Sally Hansen, I figured I'd try their take on nude with this Quick Sand polish.

As you can see, I'm very fair and this polish just looks like my nails are non-existent.  With flash, there's a little more peachy undertones and tiny white shimmery particles.  But apart from the blah-ness of this trend and color, this was probably the worst formula I've ever experienced with an SH.  Clumpy and thick, this was hard to even out and put on smoothly.  However, despite the thickness, there were bald spots after 2 coats and I was forced to do a third.  If you do happen to like this, I'd recommend making sure you use three very thin coats for the best application.  

I find this boring.  What does everyone else think?


  1. I like it actually. It would be a good "modest polish" like to wear to work or if you have an important job interview. It looks good with your skin tone. I like the neutral colors but I am olive complected, so none of them every look good on me.

  2. Since you're olive toned, maybe try Sally Hansen Fedora? It was a Tracy Reese LE from last Fall but I bought mine off of eBay a few months ago. It's a nude that's gold-based, so I imagine that will go better with an olive skintone than something more peachy or pink.

  3. I totally understand when hands look mannequin like, it kinda creeps me out. But I think this looks nice on you, like a "put together" type of color. It goes well with everything and wont clash with any outfit.