Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sally Hansen Midnight in NY (Challenge Day 11: A Polish From Your Favorite Brand)

If anyone had a shadow of a doubt that I would have chosen any brand other than Sally Hansen for a polish from my favorite brand, then I think I need to rename my blog to "Amanda shamelessly promotes her love affair with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish" ... dot com, I guess.

This was also perfect timing because I was itching to try out one of my new polishes I hauled this weekend.  So here it is, Midnight in NY.  Fabulous, right?  Well, yeah sure, it's a standard black polish.  But let me list why I think this might be my favorite black polish:

1.  It's a CSM so it applies like a dream.  I tend to have serious issues with black polish because once it bleeds onto my cuticles, I find it impossible to get off -- even with remover.  Thus, the easier to apply, the less icky mess on my very pale skin.

2.  There is a slight (and I mean slight) holographic glittery thing going on with this polish.  It's completely not noticeable inside and even outside, you can only make out some red and green glitter in direct sunlight.  But black polish can be so stark and dulls very quickly.  Having that little extra oomph makes this, at least for me, a tad bit more unusual.  (You can see the shimmer best in my bottle shot in the last picture.)

3.  The New York shoutout!  I come from a long line of New Yorkers, so I appreciate this little bit of recognition.  However, as any good New York City-ite knows, you can barely see the stars at midnight in the city so the micro-glitter is a bit of a lie.  Oh well.

Can you see the slight glitter?  Or do you guys think this is still just a boring, basic black?


  1. I definitely see the glitter! very lovely on you :)

  2. Great bottle shot! You can really see the glitter in it!