Friday, October 14, 2011

Sally Hansen Madame X

Now this is how you do coral for fall.  Prabal Gurung for Sally Hansen really seems to have surpassed Tracy Reese as my favorite designer collaborator; all his colors in this collection, while not necessarily unique, are really up my alley.  After seeing swatches of this, I wasn't at all intrigued (I have sooo many reds, why another one?  And one with and orangey-pink base?  Meh.)  But when I saw it in the store, it caught my eye.  On my hands, it's like a duochrome without the duochrome.  What I mean by that is that depending on the lighting this can look orangey coral, dusty red, or even bright pink (took me forever to get a flash picture that didn't make it go neon).  I like when it's dusty red the best since I'm a fan of the dustier colors and I've never seen a dusty of a warmer shade.  And of course, application was lovely...this is a Sally Hansen after all.

Sorry for the random backgrounds.  I like to keep my pictures fairly uniform, but like I said above, I couldn't capture this color properly and literally went from one room to the other in my house attempting to photograph this.

By the way, I've almost hit 25 followers!  Once I do, I plan to do a mini giveaway.  I've already thought up my theme for the giveaway and hope to show it to you soon... just need that one more person...


  1. Beautiful CORAL! :D I haven't tried these designer ones yet. I have to soon!!

    BTW congrats on the followers!

  2. Thanks so much, Nory! Congrats to you too!

    And you should seriously check out the new SHs, classic fall colors and right now they're buy one get one half off at Rite Aid.

  3. This is a gorgeous shade of coral!