Friday, October 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Evening Fog

I admit I have a love addiction with Sally Hansen polishes.  Especially the CSMs.  The colors are just luxe, the application is always amazing, and the designer collaborations always blow my mind.  This one, again from the Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen Fall 2011 collection, is another I adore for no particular reason.  It kinda resembles grey oatmeal or new cement (I won't say wet cement because that's another color from SH, the Xtreme Wear collection, which is equally lovely), but for some reason I really love it.  I was debating on giving up on me trying a few days of paler polishes since I was sorely disappointed with Lion Around, but I'm glad I tried this.  This is just an awesome neutral that because of the grey-tone, makes it very current.  I can imagine plenty of people thinking this isn't so special, but it makes me happy!

I try to pare down my pictures to the best ones, so for me, this is a bit pic heavy.  Each shows 3 coats of Evening Fog.


  1. Super gorgeous! That shade of gray is very in right now! It looks lovely on your nails! :)

  2. really?? is this one called rigamortis?